Note of thanks

This project wouldn't be as far as it is without many people's help and support. I want to say thanks to all of you and take the chance of mentioning in alphabetical order

Alfredo Bernardini who finds still pieces in Italian libraries
Steve Hammer who cooperates with his
Nils Jönsson who helps to check Swedish libraries and puts many editions online
Klaus Keil and the whole RISM team, who are allways very helpful
Jeanine Krause who helped to get the Dresden stuff sorted
Linda and Alan Leighton who untiringly try to improve my English
Diego Nadra who was the first to send incipits
Pär Stolpe who's advices influenced the application
Simone Stultiens who went through the Utrecht library
Stefaan Verdegem who works on the Brussels enormous collection
Andrea Vilz who went through 200 Bach arias
Steffen Voss who helped with Dresden and RISM