About this Catalog

The Haynes Catalog contains music written for the oboe up to ca. 1800. This includes both lost and surviving music, in original manuscripts and prints as well as in modern editions. Each work is catalogued under a category code; when unclear, more than one code is listed. This code consists of two parts: a general category, and a more specific sub-category. For example, the code 10.4 refers to solo concertos (10) and more specifically, their national style (.4: German).

Included are: - Solo concertos with any number of solo instruments
- Chamber music for up to 8 instruments
- Vocal music with solo oboe
- Works for 'all sorts of instruments', if it was customary at the time to play this music on the oboe.
- Solo sonatas or trio sonatas for violin or flute, if the word 'oboe' appears in the title, in the score, or in a part, or if there is evidence that this music was played on the oboe during the composer's lifetime.
Excluded are: - Harmoniemusik. By 'harmoniemusik' I mean wind music for oboes, bassoons, and horns (and later flutes and clarinets as well), especially where oboes and horns are used in pairs. Consequently, the combination of 2 oboes, 2 horns, and bassoon is counted as harmoniemusik and is not included.
- Orchestra music